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Our Products

Enscape is a Real time rendering plugin for Revit. It is used by first class AEC companies around the world. It is a great time saver for projects that uses Revit as the BIM tool. Enscape can be used for design review, quality control of the model and for client presentations. It is a quick tool for both Architectural and Construction firms.

Enscape is able to support virtual reality (VR) with HTC Vive and Oculus. It also allows the user to generate 360-degree panorama to be viewed on PCs, mobile devices and Google cardboard.

The license can be used in any country. If you are interested to use Enscape and would like to have support around your time zone (UTC+8), do contact us. To learn more about Enscape, click here.

Revizto is a great tool for BIM Project Collaboration. It supports VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) work flow, helps to engage project team members that are not BIM users and enable the team to collaborate in real time. It has Revit plug-in to export Revit model and 2D sheet drawings into Revizto. In Revizto, there is a connection between the 2D sheet drawings and 3D views for the exported Revit model. It also generate issues, assign it to the respective team members and have issue reports function. Revizto is able to support virtual reality (VR) with HTC Vive and Oculus.

The Revizto license can be used in any country. However, each license contract is only for one selected region to upload you model to the cloud for collaboration purpose. Our region is in Singapore. If you are interested to use Revizto and would like to have support around your time zone(UTC+8), do contact us. To learn more of Revizto, click here.

Our Services

Our BIM Consultant, Grace Lim, has been implementing Revit since 2001.

For more information about her experience, refer to the LinkedIn.

  • Strategic planning for BIM implementation
  • BIM Standards, documentation and infrastructure
  • Revit and Revizto project support, on-the-job training
  • On-site training of Revit, Enscape, Revizto and MS Excel for Revit
  • Revit customization / library creation
  • Autodesk network license planning, optimization and deployment

About Us

Bethe1 Build Tech was started because of a simple desire to contribute to Singapore’s Building Industry by supporting the BIM (Building Information Modelling) framework.

  1. By bringing in overseas technology to Singapore, we will be able to provide local and timely support for the BIM community in Singapore and the nearby region.
  2. By contributing the BIM knowledge to the industry.

A survey in Europe showed that implementing BIM is costly and difficult. However we believe that through proper training, team work, better work flow and use of suitable technology, we should be able to leverage the BIM technology and eventually reduce the cost of implementing it. Hence reaping the benefits of implementing BIM for the whole project life cycle.

Our vision
To make BIM more economical and easier to implement.

Our mission
Building people through technology by equipping them with value-for-money technologies and / or customized solutions that ease their BIM implementation.

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